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Family Counseling


Families are complicated. On one hand Family offers us connection and renewal, a respite from the daily grind. On the other hand, Family can be a place of conflict, estrangement and turmoil. Family communication may break down during times of transition such as the birth of a baby, a parent returning to the workforce or sending the kids off to college. Family problems may also arise in the midst of traumatic events such as loss of employment, divorce, illness or death.

I am a licensed mental health counselor with 15 years experience assisting families to restore healthy communication and rebuild strong relationships. Signs that family counseling may help are as follows:

  1. Parent-child conflicts and power struggles
  2. Parents cannot agree on how to discipline the kids
  3. Anger dominates family life — ie blame and accusations prevail or family members use the "silent treatment" to show how mad they are
  4. Excessive sibling rivalry which ruins time together
  5. One family member is consistently identified as the problem
  6. One family member says s/he is forced into being responsible for everyone else
  7. Family members seem isolated from each other
  8. Family has difficulty adjusting to a new situation — ie divorce, new baby, stepsiblings, illness, death

I use the Family Systems Model which means that I focus on how each individual family member contributes to the issues at hand; sessions are about learning new communication skills rather than blaming each other for family problems. We will look at how family themes and patterns from past generations may be evident in your family today. We will shed light on unspoken family rules that may be impacting family interactions and relationships. We will examine the specific roles enacted by each family member and explore how these roles influence communication in the family.

Together we will create specific strategies for change which offer the opportunity to:

  1. Increase your understanding of your family's dynamics
  2. Learn healthier ways to express anger and resolve conflict
  3. Successfully navigate life transitions
  4. Bridge estrangements between family members
  5. Learn how to support and encourage each other through challenging times

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