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About Ruthie Neilson, M.A.

Ruthie has over 15 years experience counseling people who deal with depression, anxiety and challenging family issues. She works with children and adults assisting them to navigate through self-esteem and relationship issues and difficult life transitions .

Ruthie is a child mental health specialist and has worked extensively with at-risk children and their families. A child’s wellbeing is impacted by family and also by school and the larger community; relationships with family members, school personnel and peers all influence a child’s ability to fully participate in the world. Hence, therapy sessions may include the exploration of the child’s relationships beyond the immediate circle.

Ruthie’s counseling skills also include working with people facing loss- whether it be through the death of a family member or friend, divorce, job transition or past trauma effecting quality of life in the present. Clients experiencing difficulty in moving beyond troubled paths may benefit from the unique combination of counseling modalities she offers, including individual and family therapy and the use of the expressive arts in therapy when client and therapist agree that this would be beneficial.


Ruthie Neilson is a licensed mental health counselor with a BA cum laude from Kenyon College in Ohio and an M.A. in Psychology from Antioch University Seattle.
After receiving her masters, she completed a 2 year training in The Marriage and Family Therapy Training through the Presbyterian Counseling Service in Seattle. She spent a year volunteering at Seattle Rape Relief as an advocate/counselor for survivors of sexual assault. Ruthie recently completed a yearlong training in the use of the expressive arts in therapy with adults.

Ruthie currently continues to acquire trainings in various modalities that support and enhance her work with clients.

Organizations that Ruthie belongs to:
American Mental Health Counselors Association
American Play Therapy Association
SandPlay Therapists Of America
Seattle Jung Society

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